The Hub

Hello All

This is base site for my online presence.  Right now I’m working on getting everything set up.  But I plan on having several different blogs depending on what is going on.  And hopefully I’ll be able to get Word Press set up just how I like it.

  • Fictional Writing – This is where I’ll be putting information about my books
  • Rants and Essays – When I feel like ranting about something it’ll go here.  I’ll also put up my political essays.
  • Programming – I work for Electronic Arts as a programmer.  Sometimes I like to write about my thoughts on programming.
  • Astronomy – I’m getting back into amateur astronomy, what I’ll learn will go here.
  • Pictures – I have an 18 mega pixel camera, and I love taking landscape pictures, I’ll probably post them here.
  • Social Media – My experiences with my experiments with setting up social media.
  • Wiki – I love wikis, and this is the wiki that will be linked to this site.